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“I’ll dance for some of your feedback…”


I am Rion Almeida a young MMA athlete that currently competes No Gi BJJ, Wrestling and Pankration events until I am old enough to compete in real MMA fights.

I want to thank God for keeping me healthy and giving me the talent to do what I enjoy and I want to thank my family, friends, fans and sponsors for all their support.

This is my Fan Page where you can leave me comments, so please leave me some feedback. You can also follow me on

Thanks, Rion

PS. You can also help support me with my expenses by shopping in my fight store.

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  1. @Rion

    Sorry, i cant make it in July -.- but have fun in vegas.
    im busy im China. Sorry~

  2. @Cheng

    I will be in Vegas for a week this month (July), I will contact you when I am in town.

    CYA, Rion

  3. Rion Nice job(: !
    I hope your doing good in California.
    If you see this i just want you to know that we really miss you back at vegas.
    But Keep Up the Good Work RION!!!!
    I wish you can visit me one day in the future, and all your other friends!

  4. What a good job you are doing in all things. It is great that you are accomplishing
    and succeeding in the activities you participate in, as well as keeping your grades up in school……That is a lot of hard work, especially for a young man your age……We love you and are proud to be your Grandparents….
    Grandma Lynn & Grandpa Tom

  5. Great Job Rion! Best of wishes in all your endeavours we’re cheering for you over here in Australia!!! TEAM RION!!!!

  6. Rion,

    Keep on your path of passion wherever it takes you. I appreciate seeing the passion, love, and hard work no matter the age of the human being.

    Yeha Noha

  7. You are one awesome child. We are so very proud to be your Grandparents…You have come along way Rion and we wish you many more years of success and happiness…You can do whatever you want to do, never give up..We love you.

  8. i posted lotsa stuff on my facebook hopefully you get some more designs!

  9. wudd up lil dude i just designed a shirt! hope you get to wear it i think ull likey! ;P

    ps ur so hott ;P

  10. Clinton,

    My favorite Gi choke is the ezekiel and you can see me putting a kid to sleep in the grapplers quest video using the ezekiel.

    Later, Rion

  11. whats your favorite gi based choke right now young warrior

  12. Happy New Year :)

    Over Christmas break I was in Cali visiting family and training at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Riverside, when my instructors Sean and Jeremy wanted to take me to Hollywood to train with Eddie Bravo, it was awesome :)

    Check out my photos, videos and news for the latest.

    Follow me on FaceBook

  13. Keep up the good work mijo!!! So proud to have a brilliant nephew like you. Do you have a bio? I would like to write an article on MMA techniques through my association. It’s another venue that can get your name out there throughout the world. Tell your mom or dad to send it to my email. Always promoting your page on I’m hoping to see you in action in this arena, just like when I use to watch you when you began wrestling. I love you. Auntie Berta

  14. just showin some love to my favorite brother and mma fighter ;P !!!

  15. The gym where I train “Wand Fight Team” won the 2010 World MMA Award for the best MMA Gym of the Year.

    whoo hoo :) its awesome being part of the team, at the best MMA gym in the world.

  16. Keep up the great work, Rion! Although we’ve never met in person, we are proud to have a relative like you to make the family proud!
    Mike and Laura Lewis and our buch of crazy kids

  17. Thanks for all the support, it means a lot to me.

    Check out my pictures, I met UFC fighter Demian Maia last night at the gym.

    Thanks again, Rion :)

  18. Good Luck Rion. We are so proud of you. Love watching your videos !!!! Keep up the good work..

  19. Hey hotty with tha body!! Ur sucha great fighter an person! So happy for u that things are happening!! Ur awesome dude ! Congrats on the mma article n photoshoot in Seven magazine! And congrats on ur new sponsor! Way to go ;)

  20. Great job Rion!! :) Keep up the good work and you’ll get there!! Keep those videos comin!! :)

  21. hey lil man! just bought a gi on from your store. can’t wait to get it. remember to enjoy your training, it is your preparation for being a champion!

  22. We love you Rion and are so very proud of you.
    Love Grandma Lynn & Grandpa Tom

  23. We are proud of you son keep up the good work.

    Love, Mom and Dad

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